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Jordon Mullen – Mortgage Broker in Collingwood

Welcome to Your Mortgage Store Collingwood. We are here to serve as your Mortgage Broker Collingwood under the Mortgage Architects franchise. Born and raised in the mortgage business, Jordon Mullen has recently returned to her roots in Collingwood area after a successful career in Toronto. Touted as one of Home Trust’s highest-volume underwriters and youngest member of 2016 Young Guns List, Jordon decided it was time to come home and fulfill her passion of helping others’ dreams of home ownership come true. She is part of the Donna Mullen Team serving as Your Mortgage Broker in Collingwood, Ontario.

Jordon Mullen

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Mortgage Agent License #M17002124

A graduate of Humber College in Business Management and Financial Services in 2013, Jordon was actively involved in the student community, primarily by volunteering her time showing students how they can pay off their debts.

Jordon’s key area of specialties include new citizens to Canada, self-employed, bruised credit, and residential and commercial mortgages.

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