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Mortgage Architects Forms

To help serve you best we ask that you download and complete as much of the Mortgage Application Form as possible.  In addition, you must provide your consent to allow us to obtain a Credit Report.

For your convenience, you can download the Application in PDF or MSWord format through the links on this page. Once completed, you can fax, scan/email or drop off your application at an office near you.  Your local Mortgage Agent’s fax number and email address is listed on the third page of the form.

Once your application has been reviewed, your Mortgage Agent will discuss supporting information required by the lender to fulfill “Third Party Documentation” that is needed to support your mortgage application while also protecting you from mortgage fraud and identity theft.

Each application is unique so don’t get bogged down by this comprehensive list – call Your Mortgage Store to find out what you should bring to your consultation so we can help you get the best rate and right terms*!

-1 piece must be PHOTO ID (cannot be a Health Card)
-Another piece of ID with your current address

Must be current or most recent version available.
-Two current Pay Stub(s)
-CCRA Notice of Assessment
-T4 Slip(s)from all income sources
-T1-General (if applicable)
-Letter from employer stating your income, position and length of employment
-Child Support / Spousal Support (a copy of the agreement and proof it is being paid as agreed)
-Proof of Other income (if applicable)

Original copies to be submitted; must be current year plus the previous 2 years.
-Financial Statements
-T-1 General
-CCRA Notice of Assessment
-Accountant’s Letter and/or Income Declaration
-Copy of upcoming sales contracts (if available)
-Current Personal Net Worth Statement

Must be current year plus the previous 2 years.
-Income and Expense Summary
-Lease Agreements for all Units


-Copy of Agreement of Purchase & Sale
-Copy of MLS Listing and MLS Number
-Copy of any Schedules and/or Amendments
-Proof of Deposit submitted with Offer (copy of cleared cheque or bank account stmt)
-Confirmation of Down Payment
-New Home Warranty details if new construction


-Current or most recent Mortgage Statements
-Confirmation of pay out of existing mortgage(s) including penalties and discharge costs
-Copy of Deed and existing Mortgage Charge
-Details of Property: lot size, square footage, type of home, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, heating source and other features
-Appraisal (to be arranged by your Mortgage Agent)
-Most recent Municipal Property Tax Statement
-Separation agreement re: matrimonial property (if applicable)


-Most current creditor statements
-Pay out confirmations


Home purchase or refinancing documentation plus:
-Quotes from suppliers for improvements to be performed (minimum 2 quotes per service)
Once work is complete:
-Photos of upgrades completed
-Copies of invoices from suppliers
-Inspection to confirm work completed (to be arranged by your Mortgage Agent)

*O.A.C./Some conditions apply.

Mortgage Application and Consent Form – PDF Format

Download and Print the Mortgage Application Form in PDF Format

Consent Form – PDF Format

Download and Print the Client Consent Form